Africa is our home, we drive her growth.

Our vision is to be the leading financial services organisation in, for and across Africa, delivering exceptional client experiences and superior value to all stakeholders. As Africa’s largest financial services group in terms of assets, we aspire to be the bank of choice for individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and investors looking for opportunities on the continent.

SBG’s success and prosperity is fundamentally interlinked with the success and prosperity of our clients and customers. As such, we are committed to delivering shared value for stakeholders in all business activities, across our countries of operation. We believe we have a valuable role to play in, for and across Africa. We are working with customers, clients and regulators to tackle challenges and seize opportunities.

As part of our efforts to realise our vision, we have placed a greater focus on our offering as a universal bank – able to provide customers and clients with a full set of financial products and services – in a seamless and integrated manner. This has required us to implement a number of changes to our IT platforms, operational processes and the ways in which businesses work together. It is a journey, and we are still some way from our desired destination. But we are committed to ensuring that SBG is not only the first-choice for all customers’ and clients’ financial needs – but that we also have a clear and integrated understanding of all the products each customer holds with us, and how we can holistically best serve their individual needs.

Every employee across the group plays a part in enabling us to deliver our strategy and achieve our vision. During 2015, we undertook an extensive engagement process with employees, toward deepening their sense of responsibility and accountability. Across the group, leaders engaged with their teams, from executive to front-line level, to talk about SBG’s vision, purpose and values, and our expectations of every employee to help us stay true to these guiding principles.

SBG’s employees are guided by eight company values. We use these as a lens to interpret and respond to business opportunities and challenges, to inform our interactions with customers and clients, and to guide our engagement with one another. We believe that living these values provides us with a competitive advantage, and we regularly and consistently engage with our employees to ensure that our values guide everything we do.

Value created in 2015

Our engagement with our stakeholders underpins the success of our shared value journey.


Who we are

We are not just a bank; we are an integrated financial services group.


Leadership report

The sustainability of our business requires a clear understanding of the social, economic and physical environments

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