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Listening to our stakeholders

Our purpose is to drive Africa’s growth. Our success is linked to the prosperity of Africa’s communities and economies. We understand that all our stakeholders – not only shareholders and investors – need  to benefit from the value we create. Our commercial viability, and the social relevance and legitimacy of our business, depends on our ability to generate value for stakeholders.

  • Customers and clients
  • Employees and their representatives
  • Shareholders and analysts
  • Suppliers
  • Government departments, regulators, Members of Parliament and political parties
  • Communities in which we operate and partners in social investment
  • Civil society
Message to our stakeholders  Our stakeholders

Addressing what is material for value creation

We define as ‘material’ the risks and opportunities that could seriously impact on commercial viability, social relevance and our relationships with stakeholders. Material focus

Material focus chapters

Withstanding economic headwinds

Africa’s prospects for sustainable, long-term and inclusive economic growth

Understanding our clients

Putting our clients and customers at the centre of everything we do

Motivating our people

Commitment, motivation and capability of our people, and their embracing of our values

Embracing innovation

Continual innovation to improve the value we provide

Managing regulatory change

Meeting the expectations of our regulators and serving the best interests of our customers

Leveraging our investments in information technology

The safety, stability, functionality and efficiency of our IT services  

Responding strategically

Standard Bank Group’s success and profitability is fundamentally interlinked with the success and prosperity of our clients and customers. We are committed to  delivering shared  value for stakeholders in all business activities, across our countries of  operation.


Africa is our home, we drive her growth.

Vision: To be the leading financial services organisation in, for and across Africa delivering exceptional client experiences and superior value

Who we are and where we operate

How we are performing

The sustainability of our business requires a clear understanding of the social, economic and physical environments in which we operate, and how these influence and are influenced by the execution of our strategy.

Leadership report

Our stakeholders

We seek to forge relationships with stakeholders that are open and constructive.



We have undertaken a limited assurance engagement on selected sustainability information


Reporting suite

We produce a full suite of reports to cater for the diverse needs of our stakeholder base.

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