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Addressing development in Africa

(gri EC8) Standard Bank Group (SBG) is an African bank with a strategic focus on sub-Saharan Africa. For this reason we must contribute to improving the business climate in this region and increase our relevance in the communities we operate in.

Increased trade and investment is an important driver of economic growth and job creation on the continent, with Standard Bank being well positioned to take advantage of the financing opportunities that stem from these trade and investment flows. We also play a positive role through facilitating relationships between the public and private sectors and in providing services, capital and advice to governments. We contribute to infrastructure development, capacity building and the operation of government through sharing our knowledge and experience.

We believe that partnerships are an effective means of addressing social challenges. We work with development finance institutions and international organisations dedicated to facilitating the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa, including the distribution of donor funds.

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Through our extensive network across Africa and other emerging markets we are uniquely positioned to play a positive role in Africa’s development.

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