Global and African economy challenges
Maximising enterprise development and empowerment financing
Partnering with government to deliver developmental infrastructure
Since 2012, 85% of energy investments have been into renewable energy
Financing the positive impact of nature-based tourism
Investing in education enables inclusive economic growth
Partnering with fintechs
5 662 affordable housing owners assisted through restructuring their loans
Approximately 90% of fraudulent transactions prevented/ recovered
38 drought-impacted agribusiness clients’ loans restructured
Improved payments to small-scale tea farmers
Feedback from our people
Invested R890 million in developing our people
Promotions into senior and executive management: +50% black South Africans
Recognising and rewarding our people
83% of our people felt Standard Bank was a diverse and inclusive business
Pipeline of regulatory change
Our approach to managing regulatory change
How will regulation impact on our customers and clients?
Supporting our people in doing the right business the right way
Helping our people keep up with regulatory change
Standard Bank’s impact on combating crime
New ways of working: Instant decisions and more efficient for clients
Becoming a disruptor
Supporting entrepreneurs! The Standard Bank Incubator
Social innovation in education: Surety for missing middle students
Standard Bank Kidz Banking app
60 million customer transactions a month
726 million transactions on our mobile banking platforms in 2016
Industry collaborations in fighting cybercrime
Our IT resilience
Building skills in the IT industry
SBSA’s carbon footprint reduced by 6% to 281 264 CO2e metric tons
R25 million invested into energy efficiency improvements
Understanding the economic value of natural capital
Procuring goods and services that empower local businesses
Standard Bank South Africa BEE total score: 94.56
Achieved maximum
of 16 points for preferential procurement in
South Africa