Reporting suite

We produce a full suite of reports to cater for the diverse needs of our stakeholder base. The following reports supplement this one and are tailored to meet our readers’ specific information requirements.

Overview and Contents

Accounting to shareholders and society for progress against objectives and targets.

Report to Society

Stakeholder-focused report providing an overview on how Standard Bank Group creates shared value across our material focus areas.

  Withstanding economic headwinds

  Understanding our clients

  Motivating our people

  Embracing innovation

  Managing regulatory change

  Leveraging our investments in information technology

Annual integrated report

Primary report to shareholders providing an integrated assessment of SBG’s ability to create value over time.

  • Overview of strategy and performance
  • Corporate governance report
  • Remuneration report
  • Shareholder information

Governance and remuneration report

Shareholder report providing governance and annual general meeting information.

  • Governance report
  • Remuneration report
  • Notice of annual general meeting
  • Proxy form

Risk and capital management report

Detailed discussion of the management of strategic risks related to SBG’s banking and insurance operations.

  • Capital and liquidity management
  • Regulatory developments


Report to Society



Annual Integrated Report 2015

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