Africa is our home, we drive her growth.

When we communicate with you, our stakeholders, we do our best to make sure that we listen. We strive to understand your needs and expectations to enable us to create shared value and deliver demonstrable benefits.

We are not naive about the challenges Africa faces – but we are determined to overcome these challenges by working together to drive inclusive economic growth – the kind of growth that benefits all Africans, by supporting job creation, skills development and opportunities for asset creation. This is how we create shared value. We recognise that there are no shortcuts – we take a long-term view. African economies need to be more competitive, diversify away from extractive industries, get more people into decent work and actively support the growth of the middle class. Appropriately targeted, affordable and accessible financial services can support this process. We are proud to call Africa home, and we remain committed and determined to support inclusive economic growth, job creation and wealth creation across the continent.

Story of this report

Our success is linked to the prosperity of Africa’s communities and economies.


Leadership report

The sustainability of our business requires a clear understanding of the social, economic and physical environments


How we create shared value

Our engagement with our stakeholders underpins the success of our shared value journey.



We welcome the views of our stakeholders on the way we approach our priorities.

Please email us your feedback.


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