Employees and their representatives

Without our employees, we cannot achieve our purpose. As such, regular engagement with our employees and their trade union representatives is vital.

Our diverse workforce comprises 54 361 permanent employees and 8 135 non-permanent employees across our countries of operation. We focus on ensuring that the people we employ are the right fit for SBG – they are our brand ambassadors, and they need to be able to thrive in our organisation and drive our vision. Attracting, retaining and motivating employees is a material focus area for SBG.

Our values commit us to respecting one another and having high regard for the dignity of all people. We respect the individual and collective rights of our employees in the workplace and adhere to local and international labour legislation. We actively engage with recognised trade unions in our countries of operation. In South Africa, for example, we have developed an open and robust relationship with The Finance Union (formerly the South African Society of Bank Officials) (SASBO) – the majority recognised union representing non-managerial employees – whom we view as a crucial stakeholder and partner in our long-term success and sustainability. We have recognition agreements with labour unions in a number of other countries. Engagement with employees’ representatives is based on our employee relations philosophy and aims at fostering constructive relationships for sound employee relations.

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Internal career opportunities

More than half of hires were internal promotions or transfers. There is still a sustained focus on succession planning and talent development for critical roles.

Employee wellness

Voluntary employee personal health assessments indicate that obesity, diabetes and hypertension are becoming increasingly prevalent, and stress levels remain high. We are continuing to promote employee health and wellness programmes to deal with these and other issues. We are also increasingly focusing on financial wellness.

Leadership capabilities

We are providing focused leadership development programmes. Our strategy provides clear guiding principles for prudent management decision-making, and leadership forms a key part of our strategic focus on culture.

Diversity and inclusion

We are driving a culture of inclusion and appreciation for diversity. In October 2015, the group signed the International Labour Organization (ILO) Global Business Disability Network’s Disability Charter, and Standard Bank South Africa (SBSA) received the Department of Labour (DOL) and Commission for Employment Equity (EE) private sector award for ‘Innovation and special projects to further gender equality’.

Rewarding employee excellence

We continue to use the Beyond Excellence programme in all countries of operation to recognise employee performance and values-based behaviour.


  • Elected chair of Global Equator Principles Steering Committee
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  • Southern African Energy Efficiency (SAEE) special recognition of achievement in energy efficiency 2015
  • ­­
  • 8th Africa Energy Awards 2015: Premier Energy Project of the Year
  • ­­
  • Association of Energy Engineers: Sub-Saharan Africa Energy Project of the Year 2015


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